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Kevin Maes

Graphic Designer / Artist

I am Kevin. Designer by heart; Artist by hand. Together with clients; I create the best thing the human eye has ever seen.

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Work Experience

  • Freelance Designer/Photographer

    Websites, logo's, advertisements, personal work. Photoshoots for personal and commercial use. Social media advertising and distribution.

  • Research Fanatic

    Bring the internet close to me and there'll be no secrets left to discover.

  • Flexible Creative Lunatic
    2004-Till Death

    Whatever your assignment will be, I can do it. Hire me and see for yourself.


  • CVO Horito Turnhout

    Secundair Onderwijs (High school). 1.680 Lesson peroids. Successfully graduated..

  • Multimedia-operator

    Specialisation: Multimedia techniques. 900 Lesson Peroids. Successfully graduated.

    Studies: interface design, graphic design, picture/video-editing, photo/video-graphy, website production (Mainly Front-end), 3D-modelling, game development, etc.

  • The World Wide Web

    Daily personal studies through the internet. Reading articles, papers, documents and more to keep track with all recent developments.

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+32 499 61 93 64

About Me

The perfect balance between working and playing. Don't be shy, I'm just an e-mail away.

IF you need to contact me asap, call me immediately. +32 499 61 93 64